Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Bodywork

Lifetouch Wellness

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Chris has wonderful technique

Alice B. says: I have been having regular massages for many years and rate Chris as one of the most helpful in addressing my trigger points and tight muscles. Her goal is to make people feel better which she definitely accomplishes. The massage room is tastefully decorated making for a very relaxing experience.

Professional service
Tor E. says: Chris was able to diagnose my lower back problems as residing in my quads and this was definitely not a wimpy massage. She has the strength to get as deep as the patient's pain tolerance level will accommodate! I also really like how she uses coconut oil and essential oils instead of the typical chemical-filled lotions. Great therapy!

Wonderful Massage Therapy
Lindsey B. says: I have had many massages, most are a disappointment and only a few have been good. Chris is one of the (REALLY) good ones! My massage with her was great, and provided much relief. I will definitely be returning to Lifetouch Wellness in the near future.

Excellent massage therapy!
Christy J. says: I have had both a chair massage and full table massage from Chris. She did an incredible job with both! My neck and shoulders had so many knots that I was worried we would reach a point where nothing more could be done. Chris continued to work through these knots and go from one area to another to tackle the issues from different muscle areas. I definitely look forward to my next masage!

Phenomenal woman
Jerry w. says: Discreet and very nice, Chris has given great advice in addition to performing a massage that provides relief and wellness. I'm very glad she visits our building - otherwise I would not have opportunity to do this as often. It's wonderful therapy!

Susan G. says: Chris is a skilled massage therapist, and passionate about her clients and wellness. She's exceptional. Using Young Life Essential Oils and atomizer significantly enhances the healing therapy and experience. The President of our Firm is providing weekly chair massages as part of our wellness program. What a wise and generous gift and benefit! I highly recommend her!

Excellent service
Joshua M. says: I have been to Lifetouch wellness many of times, whether you are looking for deep tissue or relaxation. Chris is passionate about what she does and it is shows in everything she does.

Chris is a fabulous massage therapist!
Louann H. says: Historically for me, the day after I receive a massage I am typically very sore and physically ill due to the toxins that get released in my system. I have had 2 great massages with Chris and have not been sick, felt bad, or had any substantial soreness afterwards. Thank you Chris for being so in touch with my needs!